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British Columbia

  • Vancouver Moving Theatre

  • Vancouver Parks Board
    The Arts, Culture and Environment team of the Vancouver Park Board supports community-engaged arts and cross/inter/multi-cultural initiatives in the City of Vancouver. Our work focuses on community involvement with professional artists in artistic and cultural initiatives, fulfilling the Park Board's mandate to actively facilitate participation and access to the arts. The Park Board holds a vision of a city where the arts are an integral part of everyday life; where community cultural development processes strengthen civil society, where parks and community centre reflect the cultural vitality of the community and where people are able to learn and express creativity in ways that build healthy communities. Early in 2013 the Vancouver Park Board launched the Arts, Culture and Environment (ACE) team, a new model of support for artists, and for community engagement and participation in arts and culture. This model was based on a year of consultation and planning to explore how best to update and enhance Park Board's role in supporting public access to, and participation in, arts and culture in the city. The team organizes artist in residence projects across the city, manages a long term studio residence program in parks, and facilitates citywide arts interventions and public art initiatives.
  • Runaway Moon Theatre

    Magic, inventiveness, striking visuals  – you’ll find all these qualities in abundance in a Runaway Moon Theatre show. Their puppet shows combine different sizes of puppets with live actors to explore the dramatic (and comedic) possibilities of scale differences and blur the line between “real” and imaginary and reminds the audience that the possibilities for transformation are all around us. Community-based arts events are the other side of Runaway Moon. Large-scale, long-term community projects, revolving around a theme such as local food or water, come to a climax with an outdoor community ‘spectacle’ celebrating the environment and our place in it. Runaway Moon welcomes and encourages people of all generations and walks of life to take part in every aspect of the productions.

  • Round House Community Centre

    The Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre is unlike any other community centre in Canada -  an arts oriented community centre that serves not only the residents of Vancouver's Yaletown but all citizens of Vancouver and the lower mainland. Community cultural development, literally building creative community by connecting art and everyday life, is at the heart of the Roundhouse mandate. In addition to hosting a robust program of arts, sport and recreation classes, the Roundhouse is the Vancouver Park Board flagship for an artist in residence program that commissions artists working with community-engaged and social practices to create new work by, with, for and about community. These residencies see professional artists and educators engage for a year or more on creative initiatives focused on building creative community, and promoting diversity, innovation, collaboration, and community engagement.


    As the only designated arts and recreation centre in Vancouver, The Roundhouse works with a myriad of cultural partners to present performances, exhibitions, festivals, and public programs ranging from courses and workshops, to film series, conferences and symposia. Over the past 17 years, we have established an interdisciplinary collegial community of over 40 collaborative arts partnerships annually, with local and international presenters including the Vancouver International Dance Festival, PuSH International Performing Arts Festival, Talking Stick Festival, Co.Erasga Dance, Boca Del Lupo Theatre and more. Over the course of our history, the Roundhouse has commissioned numerous interdisciplinary productions, events and exhibitions through our residency programs and partnerships.

  • From the Heart

  • Rising Sun Theatre Society

    Rising Sun Theatre is a barrier-free theatre ensemble committed to providing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to have their voices heard and stories shared, and to learn and grow through the practice of theatre. It also aims to provide opportunities for professional theatre artists to meet and work with people with disabilities and to engage in collaborative artistic activities with them.

    The company,  now in its 11th year,  has long been associated with SKILLS Society and is now entering into partnerships with other community groups such as the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.



  • Ground Zero Productions

    Ground Zero Productions develops original works of creative non-fiction for the stage. They create theatre with specific communities who have not been given full access to resources in our society, and act in partnership with organizations committed to social change. Ground Zero is engaged in a process of Popular Education, which has its own traditions and methods of work. Ground Zero was an instigating member of the The Edmonton Community Arts Network (ECAN), which sprang from a collaborative workshop with Jumblies in 2013.

  • Common Weal Community Arts

    Common Weal Community Arts Inc. is a Saskatchewan-wide arts organization that collaboratively engages professional artists with communities to promote social change and cultural identity through creative expression.

  • ACI Manitoba

    The Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba (ACI Manitoba) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts and cultural industries of Manitoba and helping to develop sustainable careers for those working in arts and culture, including in community-engaged arts.

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  • Urban Indigenous Theatre Co.

    The mission of the Urban Indigenous Theatre Company is to develop as a professional performing arts organization while supporting the education, empowerment and employment of Indigenous peoples, particularly youth. Sharing stories has always been a way for Indigenous people to commune with spirits, minds and hearts in a manner that encourages others to listen and transform. Urban Indigenous Theatre Co.’s core philosophy of Empowerment through the Arts is kind and gentle way to speak to our personal truths and express them in a collaborative and healing environment.

  • The Ortona Armoury Arts Building
    The Ortona Armoury Arts Building and its supportive voice, OATA (Ortona Armoury Tenants Association), both exist to support the advancement of the local arts scene in Edmonton. The building is home to a variety of artists working many disciplines. Through OATA we have created spaces for public use and we encourage the participation of our fellow artists and groups.


  • Kenora Association for Community Living and the Community Arts Hub

    Within the Kenora Association for Community Living, The Arts Hub is a place of creative exploration and expression, where adults of all abilities can develop their artistic interests.  Opened in 2009, the Arts Hub provides Kenora with its first fully accessible gathering space dedicated to the arts.  Participants gather around many shared interests, such as visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, writing and storytelling, culinary arts, and gardening.  The Arts Hub is constantly evolving and developing new initiatives.


    Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) enriches lives through inclusive multidisciplinary arts and heritage education programming for children, youth, families, and seniors in the schools and community of Thunder Bay



  • Municipality of Sioux Lookout

    Located between Thunder Bay, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Municipality of Sioux Lookout is a community of 5,500 people, surrounded by the Canadian Shield, Northern forest and an extensive lake and river system. Sioux Lookout is also a hub serving many Northern and First Nations fly-in communities.

  • Myths and Mirrors

    Through the process of multi-disciplinary artistic practices and public art interventions, Myths and Mirrors collaborates with community to weave art and story into the landscape and practices of our daily lives. They actively and playfully seek unexpected connections, openings, opportunities and possibilities of being in the world together. Myths and Mirrors push boundaries and create openings for public participation in social transformation. Everyone is welcome to imagine, play and create community.

  • White Water Gallery

    White Water Gallery is a not-for-profit Artist-Run Centre committed to supporting artistic practices that prioritize risk and innovation. Understanding the need to advance the public’s threshold for viewing contemporary art, the gallery encourages programming that promotes accessibility and shared knowledge.

  • Thinking Rock Community Arts

    Thinking Rock Community Arts, based in Sault Ste. Marie, practices the art of building community across the Algoma District. Their mission is to help foster the development of healthy, inclusive, vibrant, liveable rural communities. Thinking Rock is a team of Mentors and Advisors, Anishinabe and other community builders who share a burning desire to explore how we can together begin to create spaces for dialogue and mutual understanding through multi-generational, cross-cultural projects with First Nations and rural communities.


  • Debajehmujig Storytellers

    Is a professional community-based not for profit organisation dedicated to the vitalization of the Anishinaabeg culture, language and heritage, through education and the sharing of original creative expression with native and non-native people.

  • Aanmitaagzi Storymakers

    Aanmitaagzi is a multi-disciplinary professional artist-run company serving artists and community members from Nipissing First Nation and the surrounding area, linked to provincial and national networks. We are committed to fostering a vibrant arts community in Nipissing, nurturing historic Indigenous arts practices which span a middle ground between professional and community arts, and exploring how we can carry forward our practices in a meaningful contemporary context. Aanmitaagzi combines art making, education, professional development & social activism.


  • AlgomaTrad

    AlgomaTrad is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the celebration and promotion of traditional music, dance and arts that are part of Canadian culture and heritage.

  • Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio

    Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio (OV-CAOS—pronounced OV/ˈkāˌäs/) offers opportunities for people to come together and come alive through song, dance, artmaking, writing, and talking about what matters to us. We offer space and resources for people of all ages to create together, try new art forms, make mistakes, make a mess, and lose ourselves in the creative process. With a home studio in Killaloe, we also wander the Ottawa Valley seeding creativity and holistic health in the communities we visit.

  • Carlington Arts Initiative

    The Carlington Arts Initiative (CAI) exists to give a voice to individuals, to express pride in the Carlington, Ottawa community, and to embrace the arts as a joyful and healing force.


  • Arts4All

    ARTS4ALL provides an expressive playground for all members of the Davenport Perth and Pelham Park neighbourhood in West Toronto. Professional artists collaborate with community members to create original works of art that celebrate and transform how we all live together. In our collaborations, divisions between generations, cultures, classes and abilities are bridged, we develop tools of expression that communicate thoughts and feelings and we showcase talents while nurturing the process of getting to know one another. Everyone is Welcome!


  • MABELLEarts

    MABELLEarts brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to make art, tell stories and creatively transform the place that is Mabelle – a high-density Toronto Community Housing complex in Central Etobicoke.  For us, community arts is a collaborative process of creating culture with the hands, voices and dreams of everyday people. Together we talk, work, play, plant, tell, build, remember, think, sew, eat, celebrate, draw, sing and mourn, transforming indoor and outdoor, physical and conceptual, personal and collective spaces in and around Mabelle.

  • Making Room

    Making Room Community Arts is a radically inclusive, multi-disciplinary arts company in long-term residence at the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre. They create celebrations and ceremonies, large and small and work with those living in the margins in order to put them in the centre of the story. Making Room seeks to return art to its rightful place in everyday life as a bridge between our inner and exterior worlds, by bringing together people, places and things that have been previously kept apart, through a process of collaborative art-making.


  • Community Arts Guild

    The Community Arts Guild makes art of all sorts with the people of East Scarborough: inviting those who may not normally have the opportunity to participate; connecting people separated from each other because of distance, language, income, age, culture or ability; celebrating and discovering the traditions they bring along; and building community through our art-making.


  • Red Dress Productions

    Red Dress Productions (RDP) creates and disseminates original interdisciplinary performance, and works with/in communities on large-scale, community-engaged public artworks. Founded in 2005 by Artistic Co-Directors Anna Camilleri and Tristan R. Whiston, RDP is particularly interested in the relationship between community narratives and urban public space.

  • Arts Council Windsor and Region

    The Arts Council Windsor and Region is a non-profit organization that enriches the quality of life for all by strengthening the arts and the community through leadership, education and promotion.

  • Stage and Screen Studies (Queen’s University)

    Stage and Screen Studies at Queen's University is meant for students interested in exploring both these realms and in drawing together the lessons to be learned in each. It offers instruction in the theoretical and historical dimensions of the two art forms.

  • Canada's Magnetic North Festival

  • The Mississauga Arts Council

  • CityPlace Railway Lands Resident Group

  • The Amy Project

    The AMY Project builds the leadership, confidence, and unique voice of young women in Toronto by providing them with performance training, connections to artistic mentors, experience working in a professional theatre, and support towards the early growth of their careers. We operate on four core values: Anti-oppressive inclusivity, artistic excellence, mentorship, and building community.


  • Contactivity Senior Centre

    Contactivity Centre, in Westmount, Montreal, is a non-profit community centre for active seniors and retirees. Here you can meet new friends, keep growing and learning, and simply have a good time.

  • NDG Senior Citizens' Council

    Since 1974, the NDG Senior’s Citizen’s Council (NDGSCC) has brought together people who are concerned with providing a better quality of life for older residents of NDG and Montreal West. The NDGSCC is to open to engaging all individuals to the extent of their abilities. Lives are transformed and people discover an infinite number of ways to give back. We are here for people in search of community and compassion.

  • Concordia Theatre and Development

    Concordia University’s Theatre and Development Program introduces students to theatre-making that is relevant to the daily lives of Canadians. If you believe that art can inspire individual and social change, then consider this program the catalyst that empowers you to tackle today’s hard issues — and challenge the notion that art is a luxury. The program covers theatre history, theory and practice from a holistic perspective, and gain hands-on experience in creating socially engaged art.

  • Art Hives / Ruches D'Art
    The Art Hives Network connects small and regenerative community arts studios together in order to build solidarity across geographic distances. This effort seeks to strengthen and promote the benefits of these inclusive, welcoming spaces across Canada, and throughout the world. Also known as "public homeplaces," these third spaces, create multiple opportunities for dialogue, skill sharing, and art making between people of differing socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities. ﷯
  • cultural diversity and the stage is a professional theatre journal published by Teesri Duniya Theatre in Montreal. Our contributors and readers include both established and emerging artists, academics, experts, and professionals in fields related to intersections between politics, cultural plurality, social activism, theatre and performing arts. ﷯



  • The Deanery Project

    The Deanery Project is non-profit cooperative focused on the environment, youth and community, natural building, and the arts. It offers both its own programming, and is available for program rentals. Located in Ship Harbour, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, the beautiful ocean front property provides myriad learning, recreational and research opportunities related to our forests, fields, waters and rural living. It has a commercial kitchen, a 100-person hall, dorm-style accommodation for 22 as well as diverse camping and trail resources.


  • Halifax Circus School

    Halifax Circus is the centre for professional, recreational and social circus activities in Nova Scotia. Our goal is to provide recreational circus training for the public, professional training for youth who are entering the field, and to assist youth in difficulty to change their life circumstances through social circus programs.

  • Wonder'neath

  • Chastity Lucio and Family
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